Connecting our Members with Thousands of Our Associates Across the Country


With the goal to innovate around our members and customers, we are continuing to look for ways to provide them with the best possible solution to meet their needs. To accomplish this, we are building solutions that provide our members with information across any channel (stores, online, mobile) in order to assist them before, during and after their purchase … Continue Reading »

Sears Supports Education Through Tools Partnership

For several generations of tool users Sears and Craftsman have been a trusted resource. This trust extends from simple household maintenance to complex mechanical repairs.  Sears and Craftsman help millions of Americans do their jobs, every day, as they proudly go to work building and fixing the things that make this country great! In August of 2013 Sears launched a new program, the Tools Education Partnership Program, to provide tech students at colleges and vocational technical schools more … Continue Reading »

Spinoffs and Lands’ End

Companies combine and break apart for a lot of different reasons and in a lot of different ways. On April 4, the spinoff of Lands’ End from Sears Holdings was completed – a specific kind of separation that we think will prove best for Shop Your Way members and other customers, both companies, associates and other people who work with both companies, and investors … Continue Reading »