Evolving the Sears MasterCard with Shop Your Way®

As I mentioned in my February letter to shareholders, we are focused on transforming Sears Holdings into a company that serves its members and helps them manage their daily lives. Yesterday, Sears and Citi announced a partnership to bring together the Sears MasterCard with a compelling Shop Your Way offer … Continue Reading »

Just the Facts – Vendor Relationships

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal reported that a toy vendor, Jakks Pacific Inc., during its quarterly earnings call made a comment that its latest quarterly revenues were negatively impacted because it made a decision to halt shipments to a national retailer. It was subsequently reported that this retailer was Kmart … Continue Reading »

Protect Your Investment with Smart Sensors from WallyHome


Did you know that more than one million homes in the United States experience extensive water damage every year? In fact, water damage actually exceeds fire as the largest type of loss paid out in homeowner's insurance claims. You may be surprised to hear that Sears owns a company that develops solutions to help homeowners prevent serious property damage. It’s called WallyHome – or Wally, for short … Continue Reading »

Sears Holdings Associate Gospel Choir Celebrates 25 Years

Jeffrey Lomax, Executive Choir Director

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Sears Holdings Associate Gospel Choir! The group began as a holiday choir back in 1991 when an informal group of associates got together to sing Christmas carols. Since then, the Gospel Choir has represented the company by performing around the U.S. in support of Sears Holdings’ community engagement efforts … Continue Reading »

Committed to our Members, Kmart and our Transformation

Last week, we announced a partnership between Shop Your Way®, Sears Auto Centers and Uber. This is another example of how we are transforming Sears Holdings to focus on serving our Shop Your Way members in a wide variety of ways. You should expect additional partnerships over time emphasizing our Shop Your Way business and demonstrating ways that we will bring value to our members’ lives every day … Continue Reading »