Expanding Curbside Convenience to Include In-Vehicle Returns & Exchanges

With 60 percent of Sears online transactions being multi-channel in nature, annually we have millions of members and customers who take advantage of the Buy Online and Pick Up In Store service. Earlier this year, we launched In-Vehicle Pickup at Sears that makes the store pickup experience for online orders easy and more convenient. This Shop Your Way® member-exclusive curbside convenience allows our members to notify us when they have arrived at our stores through the Shop Your Way app, and wait in their vehicle while an associate brings them their purchased items.

We received a tremendous amount of positive feedback. Here are a few comments from our members who used this service:

  • “The convenience of not having to park and walk into the mall is AWESOME!! I used the search features on your website to narrow my options and bought this microwave at 1am, this works for me!”
  • “This is amazing! The fact that I don’t have to lug my baby in the store to pick up one thing that’s already paid for. “
  • “The associate came looking for ME, rather than vice versa. That makes for a happy customer. Thanks!”
  • “It is unusual to have this level of customer service and efficiency especially in New York!!”
  • “I can get used to this. Feeling Spoiled.”

We also had a few members tell us they would love to see this capability expanded for returns and exchanges:

  • “Like the service. Can we do returns like this too? How terrific would that be .

We agree. Our member’s post-purchase experience is as important to us as their purchase experience. Returns and exchanges can be time consuming and a hassle but they don’t have to be anymore. By expanding our In-Vehicle Pickup service to include returns and exchanges, we are giving our members an easier way to return or exchange their online or in-store purchases – guaranteed in five minutes or less – without leaving their vehicle.

Let’s say you bought a pair of shoes online and when they arrive at your home, you try them on and realize they don’t fit. Now you can go online, pick out a different size you’d like, drive to the store and we will bring the pair of shoes in size you selected right to your vehicle — in five minutes or less!

Here’s how it works:

  • Members can click on the Customer Service link on sears.com, choose “Return or Exchange in Five,” then follow the prompts to identify the return item.
  • For an exchange, members can select a new item and when the replacement is ready for pickup, Sears will send an email confirmation.
  • Members then head to their closest Sears store, park in a designated In-Vehicle Pickup parking spot and use the Shop’In® feature in the Shop Your Way mobile app to let the store know they have arrived.
  • A timer will start on their phone and, within five minutes, a Sears associate will arrive and take the product you’d like to return, or bring the product you’d like to exchange.

Here’s a video that highlights the ease of this curbside convenience. This is just another example of how we are constantly innovating and adding benefits that makes shopping, and the post-shopping experience, more convenient for our members.


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