Protect Your Investment with Smart Sensors from WallyHome


Did you know that more than one million homes in the United States experience extensive water damage every year? In fact, water damage actually exceeds fire as the largest type of loss paid out in homeowner’s insurance claims. You may be surprised to hear that Sears owns a company that develops solutions to help homeowners prevent serious property damage. It’s called WallyHome – or Wally, for short.

This week, Sears and WallyHome were featured in a story titled The startup side of Sears: Retail giant’s WallyHome sensor company grows rapidly after acquisition. Not familiar with WallyHome? Keep an eye on it. “Sears Holdings Chairman and CEO Eddie Lampert sees WallyHome and the internet of Things as a big opportunity,” said Ryan Ciovacco, president of Connected Living and WallyHome. Acquired by Sears Holdings in October 2015, the Seattle-based company has grown from six to 60 associates.

WallyHome’s primary products are sensors for the home. “We want to help people improve the health of their homes,” said Ciovacco. And this week the company introduced its second generation monitoring system, along with the “Wally Rapid Response” service to help homeowners prevent serious property damage resulting from water leaks or changes in temperature and humidity. Rapid Response is an optional subscription emergency repair service that connects users to a service pro who can be dispatched to quickly fix problems and help avoid serious property damage. The Wally team plans to announce many exciting new products, integrations, features and partnerships in the coming months. WallyHome starter kits ($99.99) and sensors ($34.99) are available now at and and make terrific holiday gifts for homeowners.

“Our goal with WallyHome is to solve real pain points for homeowners, such as leaks that cause serious water damage or a heating outage at 2 a.m. on a freezing night,” said Ciovacco. “WallyHome can help save our users money and provide greater peace of mind by catching problems early on and notifying owners before significant damage occurs. We go beyond simply alerting a customer to an issue. Our end-to-end solution will also connect you with a certified professional to fix the problem before it gets worse—24 hours a day.”


The WallyHome Rapid ResponseTM partnership with ServiceLive’s nearly 35,000 certified and screened professionals, makes it the first home monitoring system available with the ability to not only detect, but react to issues by quickly connecting owners with a service to dispatch the appropriate service professional to fix the problem. Quick action is the key to preventing or limiting property damage and the Rapid Response service delivers a professional to remedy issues within two hours, even if the homeowner is away. Rapid Response currently specializes in non-life threatening emergencies such as leaks, heating and cooling outages and frozen pipes. Areas of focus include refrigerators, dishwashers, ice makers, bathtubs, pipes, washing machines, water heaters, water softeners, HVAC, toilets and showers.

“WallyHome shows the company’s entrepreneurial spirit, innovative teams and focus on being where our members need us day or night,” said Chris Brathwaite, vice president of Communications and Public Relations.



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