Just the Facts – Vendor Relationships

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal reported that a toy vendor, Jakks Pacific Inc., during its quarterly earnings call made a comment that its latest quarterly revenues were negatively impacted because it made a decision to halt shipments to a national retailer. It was subsequently reported that this retailer was Kmart … Continue Reading »

Committed to our Members, Kmart and our Transformation

Last week, we announced a partnership between Shop Your Way®, Sears Auto Centers and Uber. This is another example of how we are transforming Sears Holdings to focus on serving our Shop Your Way members in a wide variety of ways. You should expect additional partnerships over time emphasizing our Shop Your Way business and demonstrating ways that we will bring value to our members’ lives every day … Continue Reading »

A Morning with James


Normally, I have my morning coffee at my desk, sifting through missed emails and organizing myself for the day. But last Thursday, I had the pleasure of drinking my coffee with James Forthenberry, one of Kmart’s most dedicated associates. James recently retired from the Kmart store in Danville, Illinois, after decades with the company. In fact, he was part of the team that helped open the store back in 1963. And you can bet that after 53 years at Kmart, James had some stories to share. … Continue Reading »

Kmart Goes Back-to-School


Summer is coming to an end and that means it’s time to stock up on all things back-to-school. Whether it’s rocking a new look on the first day of school or decorating a new dorm room, Kmart has you covered. With our Back-to-School Guide, members can browse through a full spectrum of deals on the hottest back-to-school items at every age … Continue Reading »