Infographic: Progress on Our Transformation

Sears Holdings continues to pursue efforts to restore the company to profitability. The strategy is represented by our framework for profit, which we have discussed in recent quarterly financial updates. The following illustration provides an at-a-glance view of the opportunities we are focused on and how we are executing against each … Continue Reading »

Setting the Record Straight: Sears Holdings has Financial Flexibility and is Meeting its Obligations.

In response to a misleading article recently published, we want to make sure our vendors and the marketplace know all the facts and understand that Sears Holdings has significant financial flexibility to execute our transformation and meet our obligations … Continue Reading »

Setting the Record Straight: “Just The Facts”

In my last blog post on Owner Driven Transformations, I noted that successful transformations require three critical elements: (1) financial staying power to fund the necessary investments, (2) leadership committed to seeing things through challenging circumstances and (3) long term investors who are willing to place their capital at risk … Continue Reading »