Sears Auto Centers’ Free Performance Snapshot Car Inspection

Performance Snapshot

Memorial Day weekend kicked off the unofficial start of summer and summer driving season. While families and friends are busy making plans for their upcoming road trips, the team at Sears Auto Center is working hard to make sure members and customers get to their destinations safely and without unexpected–and costly–car troubles … Continue Reading »

Sears Auto Center Treats Members Like Family

Left to right: Samuel M. George, advanced technician; Vernon Polson Jr., manager; and Brian L. Forrester, assistant manager.

It’s one of life’s certainties: sooner or later, we all get a flat tire. Not only is a flat tire an inconvenience it can also be stressful depending on the situation. Luckily for one customer, the Sears Auto Center in Springfield, Illinois, was still open when Liz Moody pulled into the mall parking lot at 6:45 p.m. and realized she had a flat tire. Even though it was just 15 minutes before closing time … Continue Reading »