Just the Facts – Vendor Relationships

Yesterday The Wall Street Journal reported that a toy vendor, Jakks Pacific Inc., during its quarterly earnings call made a comment that its latest quarterly revenues were negatively impacted because it made a decision to halt shipments to a national retailer. It was subsequently reported that this retailer was Kmart … Continue Reading »

Response to Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal suggests that there is something wrong with Sears Holdings offering to pay a vendor earlier than the Journal thinks is typical for retailers. But why would that be a bad thing if we can afford to do so and we get a discount or other benefit from doing it … Continue Reading »

Setting the Record Straight: Sears Holdings has Financial Flexibility and is Meeting its Obligations.

In response to a misleading article recently published, we want to make sure our vendors and the marketplace know all the facts and understand that Sears Holdings has significant financial flexibility to execute our transformation and meet our obligations … Continue Reading »